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What's dp_comic?

dp_comic is a place where I post pixelized comics of 'danny phantom'. I've seen a lot of pixel looking icons and art for comics and decided to give it a go and this is the outcome. Yay! Butch Hartman and Nickelodeon own these characters, I'm just playing with the character designs and story ideas.

Is it dp_comic or dp_comics?

originally I wanted it to be dp_comics but due to a mishap, it wouldn't let me have that name so I had to go with dp_comic instead. But its dp_comic, even if the earlier graphics say otherwise. Like it saying its community when its really a one person journal.


As of October, updates are now going to be random, so whenever inspiration hits, I guess. Until I say otherwise, updates will come when they come. I'll be sure to let you know when they'll be steady again.

Can I make some icons with it?

YES! Just don't alter the pixels. You can write whatever you want or make them stand as close to whomever else you want, just don't change their little bodies! They don't need plastic surgery!

Can I friend you/will you friend me?

Friend this journal all you want! But I may or may not have time to friend you back. It depends if this journals a 5 person stalker or a 100 person stalker. (I wish!) But knowing me, I will friend you back.

Reply to comments?

I read every comment and drown in my self inflating ego. Even if its just an 'omg cute!' comment. But since said ego gets so big it'll take time to reply to comments, but I will get around to it! All comments are appreciated, I mean hello, inflating ego.


Yes/No. If you say make so-and-so I won't make it just because of pressure to please. But I AM open to suggestions, so you can leave little hints in the comments. Who knows? I might just make it.

Affiliate me?

YES!!! I love affiliates and I demand to be affiliated in evil naughty ways--nevermind. Cough.

Can I be your pimp?

Yes. Promote me, spread me across lj and into the world! Where the pixel people go and dominate the world! HAHAHAHA!!! Um... yes, yes, promote me if you will. thank you.

Boo, you suck, go away!

Hey! If you don't like it, then beat it! I'm not haunting your community! (Ok, thats a HUGE LIE *guilty look at dannyphantom com.*) Meanie butt.

OMG! I love you, have my babies!

... okay ...


The journal has its own email address. You can contact me here: dp_comic@yahoo.com.

Thanks for visiting!